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How can I delete messages?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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If you no longer wish to communicate with someone or if you want to move the conversation out of your main inbox as a way to keep it organized, there are two options that you can choose. Both of these options are available within the message options menu indicated by 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the conversation.  


When you hide a conversation, it is moved from your main inbox to your hidden messages so that it's out of sight. If the person you were communicating with contacts you again, the conversation will move back into your main inbox so that you won't miss their response. 

Not Interested

When you select "not interested", your conversation is moved from your main inbox to your hidden messages so that it's out of sight and the conversation will be closed. The person you were communicating with will not be permitted to message you again through CatholicMatch until/unless you choose to re-open the conversation.


What if I want to reference the conversation or move it back to my inbox?

To reach messages that are hidden, select "Messages" found immediately above your list of conversations and then choose "Hidden Messages". From your hidden messages page, you can then unhide or unblock the member from your conversation in the same way that you initially hid or blocked them. 



Permanent Deletion of Conversations

While you cannot permanently delete a message, once a month our system will permanently remove any conversation where you have not sent or received new messages within the past 12 months. Once this occurs, the action cannot be undone, so if someone interests you or you'd like to save the messages, make sure to either send them one message per year or save the contents of your communication offsite.

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