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How does CatholicMatch keep me safe?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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Safety is among our highest priorities at CatholicMatch and we go to great lengths to provide a safe place to meet other single Catholics.

Our security system runs 24/7 and scans all accounts for traits and behaviors that are common in scammers & others who join dating websites with malicious intentions. Accounts that exhibit any red flags are held for a staff review and are then removed if they fail to pass these checkpoints. 

While we do take all available precautions to keep malicious users off of CatholicMatch, our security system can only keep you safe as long as you are on the CatholicMatch website. Because of this, we ask that you keep your conversations with other members on the safety of the CatholicMatch website for up to 2 weeks before you begin exchanging off site contact information. During that time be sure to use our video chat feature to make sure the member matches their profile information. This way, our security system has the time necessary to perform all checkpoints to keep you safe.   

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