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How can I save my preferences?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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If you have preferences that you'd like to use more than once, we recommend saving your search preferences to your account. Not only does this allow you to save time by not having to reenter the same search criteria each time you want to search using those preferences, but you can also easily see new members to the site who meet those preferences.

How to Save a Search

To save a search press open your save menu on your search page after entering your desired criteria. For help initially selecting your criteria, see How does searching work?
When the search menu opens, enter a name for your search into the text box provided and then press the Save button. If you plan to save multiple searches, we recommend using a descriptive name so that you can easily identify it. Free members can save one search and premium members can save up to 5 searches.

Accessing Your Saved Search

When you initially visit your search page, it will display a set of generic default criteria. To access your saved criteria, open the same save menu that you used to save your criteria and then click on the name of the search you'd like to run.


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