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How do messages work on CatholicMatch?

Genevieve Customer Service
Genevieve Customer Service
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CatholicMatch provides users with the ability to send and receive messages, exchange likes, and video chat.

Receiving Communication

When someone likes your profile or sends you a message, it'll appear in your Message Inbox. You can reach your inbox by clicking on Messages from your main menu. 

Once in your inbox, your likes will appear at the top and you can open a conversation by clicking on it within the left column of the inbox. How can I see who liked my profile?


Premium members can read the contents of received messages immediately. Basic members must first start unlocking the conversation, then wait 10 days to read the message for free or can subscribe to instantly unlock the message contents.

From within your conversation, you can view the member's full profile by clicking on his or her name at the top or by clicking on "Go to Profile" found within the conversation menu (accessed by clicking on the 3 vertical dots that appear in the upper right corner of the conversation). If someone doesn't interest you, options to hide the conversation or block the user by pressing "not interested" are also provided in the conversation menu. 


Responding to a Message

To respond to a message received, click on the text box beneath the most recent message received to begin typing. Emotigrams can be used to enhance your message by clicking on the smiley face icon within the text box. After your message is complete press the send button.


Initiating a Conversation

To start a new conversation with another member, begin on their full profile. There, you'll have the option to "Like" the profile or send a message. The option to like the profile is great to use when you'd like to bookmark the profile for easy access later on or if you want to express interest but don't have the time to send a full message right now.

To send a message, press the speech bubble icon. To like a profile, press the heart icon.


When sending a message, type your message into the text box provided. Emotigram images are available by clicking on the blue icon at the left of the text box.



Premium members can press "Send" to send their message. Basic members will be prompted to subscribe first. 

When you send your message, it instantly alerts your recipient that they've received a message so that they know to check their inbox. If you're ever in doubt that your message sent successfully, you can find a record of any messages successfully sent in your message inbox. If you're a six-month subscriber, we'll also show a notification beneath your sent message when your recipient reads the message.

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