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How much does it cost to use CatholicMatch?

Mariette Customer Service
Mariette Customer Service
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You can choose to use CatholicMatch for free as a Basic member, or you can choose to activate Premium features by purchasing a subscription. 

The Basic Account Option

A Basic account is the default. It is free and you don't need to pay. It will allow you to display a singles profile, view other profiles, participate in matching, like other profiles, and receive communication.


If you are happy with the availability of singles and the tools that we provide to help you find your match, by purchasing a subscription, you can unlock full use of the communication features, including initiating messages, reading communication without a delay, and participating in the message forums. 

In addition to these features, a subscription goes toward supporting the important safety features that we provide to keep the site free of those with malicious intent, free coaching to subscribers who are struggling to meet a match, profile reviews, supporting the CatholicMatch+ Blog, providing religious education to strengthen marriages, and supporting numerous Catholic parishes. 

Click here to view current subscription options.

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