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What is the Temperament Quiz?

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The four temperaments were originally proposed by Hippocrates (the "father of medical science") 350 years before the birth of Christ, to explain differences in personalities.

Understanding your temperament can be enormously helpful in daily life--on the job, at home, and especially in our relationships. It provides extensive insight into your natural strengths, weaknesses, and your emotional tendencies. This knowledge can benefit your life in a myriad of ways, but it is invaluable in relating to others in your relationships.

To take your Temperament Quiz, visit the Edit Profile section of your account.


Click the "+" to take the quiz.



You will be asked a series of questions. This is not timed, and your answers will not be shown to other members, so we encourage you to be as honest as possible. There are no right or wrong answers, so just pick what you feel represents you accurately



When you've completed the quiz, your results will appear and will automatically be applied to your CatholicMatch profile. If you need help viewing your profile, see our FAQ: How can I view my own profile?


If you select "view" you will find lots of comprehensive information about your own temperament such as common virtues, vices, and even famous people and saints who shared your temperament!




You can also select "compare" on anyone else's temperament results to see how your temperaments compare and how to best relate to the other person.




These tips will be really helpful to keep in mind while you navigate new connections with members whose natural temperament is different than your own.




To continue learning about Temperaments, please visit:

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