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Why do I need to sign into my account if I have "stay signed in" checked on the login page?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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When you sign in using that option, we save a cookie to your browser that allows you to bypass the sign in page as long as you're signing back in from the same device/browser the next time. There are a couple of things that can prevent this from working:

  • You're using your browser's private browsing mode. When using your browser's private browsing mode, it prevents us from saving the cookie needed to allow you to avoid signing in the next time you visit CatholicMatch. Private browsing may also be referred to as Incognito or InPrivate Browsing depending on your browser.
  • You cleared cookies on your browser manually. Any time you clear your cookies manually, you will be asked to sign in the next time you visit CatholicMatch so if your goal is to stay signed in, you'll need to leave browser cookies for CatholicMatch in tact.
  • Your browser is automatically clearing cookies when you close it or your cookie file is corrupted. To check for this as a possibility, in your Edge browser, click the settings button (three dots) located at the top-right of the screen. Click on Settings and you will be shown the settings menu. Click on “Choose what to clear” under Clear browsing data. Once there, ensure that the toggle for “always clear this when I close the browser" is turned off and place a check mark in the box to clear "cookies and saved website data" to clear any cookies that may have been corrupted.
  • Your security program is clearing cookies. Depending on the antivirus program that you use, it may be automatically clearing your browser's cookies. To check for this as a possibility, visit your antivirus or security program's help page for instructions on how to configure its settings such that it does not clear your browser's cookies.

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