How can I change the order of my photos?

In many cases, members may only view a handful of your photos. For this reason, it's important to showcase your best photos first. Your best photos are going to be your clearest photos of yourself--preferably recent photos where you're smiling or doing something that you love.  

To change the order of your photos:

  1. Begin by viewing your full profile

  2. Select "Edit Photos" from the "Edit Your Profile" menu

  3. Select the reorder button on the photo you'd like to move and drag your photo to your desired location. (Note: the updated order saves automatically)

Is there anything that I should know about changing the order of my photos?

  • If you've recently added new photos, they cannot be reordered until after they've been approved by a content reviewer. This review occurs within 24 hours of the time that your photos are uploaded.