How can I search based on shared interests?

Connecting with other Catholics who share in your interests can make for some fun meet-ups.  

Members are given the opportunity to share many of their favorite things, like activities, books, sport teams, and travel destinations within their Favorite Things section of their profiles.

By mentioning your favorite things in your profile, you can then search for others who share these interests.

To find members who share similar interests:

  1. Begin a New Search.
  2. Select No Preference when asked for the distance from your current location to search. 
  3. Next, expand the Miscellaneous criteria options. 
  4. In the Favorite Thing menu, choose the favorite thing that you would like to use for your search.
  5. Once you had added any other important criteria, such as those for age, select Run Search to see a listing of members who meet your preferences.

Don't have any favorite things listed? Click here to learn how to add favorite things to your profile.