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Why can't I find anyone I like?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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If you want to marry a Catholic, you're in the right place. This is because CatholicMatch has more Catholics than any dating website.
If you're struggling to find singles who interest you, here are some things to consider:
  1. Do your saved searches make sense?
    Review your criteria to make sure that nothing is contradictory. For example, are you searching for someone who lives within 100 miles of Dallas, TX and who is also located in Australia? Little things like this can cause you to have no results, so make sure to carefully review the criteria that you save. 

  2. Are you using your criteria as a filtering tool?
    Your search criteria should only include restrictions on non-negotiable qualities. For example, if your perfect match is 5'6" but you prefer someone shorter, will you turn them away? If not, it's best to leave that out of your criteria.

  3. Are you considering Catholics outside of your preferred distance?
    Even if you can't move or travel, many others can and will. When things become serious, many people are more than willing to move to be nearer to their future spouse.

  4. Are you waiting for a "spark" through messaging before meeting people in person?
    Online dating is an introductory tool to help you meet people who you may not have met offline. Use your searches as a tool to find a few people who seem like good candidates and then meet them in person. At that meeting, you'll better understand their personality, energy, and form a connection. Ensure that you don't discount someone because that feeling doesn't come while messaging.

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