How can I remove members from my list of Views?

When someone views your profile, they will appear in your Views for the next 60 days, unless you choose to remove them from the list prior to this time.

To remove a member from your views:

  1. Visit your home page by clicking on the CatholicMatch logo in the upper left corner of the site 
  2. Select "More" within the section of your home page titled "Members Who Viewed You" to open your full list of views.

  3. Select the X icon shown in the upper right corner of the member's listing in your views
    (Laptop/Desktop users, please hover your mouse over the photo to reveal the X icon)

Is there anything that I should know about removing members from my Viewed Me list?

  • Removing someone from your Viewed Me list will not block the member from contacting you or viewing your profile in the future. The member may also appear in other places on the site, such as your search results or matches.