How can I compare temperaments with people outside of CatholicMatch?

By default, information about your temperament is kept strictly between yourself and viewers of your profile, however, if you want to share and compare your temperament with friends and family outside of CatholicMatch, you're welcome to do so.   

To compare temperaments with people outside of CatholicMatch: 

  1. Visit and select Comparisons 
  2. Invite up to 20 people to take the Temperament Quiz by entering their email addresses.

  3. After your friend(s) has completed the Temperament Quiz, return to the Comparisons page (see step one) and select Compare

Is there anything that I should know about comparing Temperaments?

  • Comparing temperaments with another can boost your understanding of each other and bring you closer together.  
  • Those outside of CatholicMatch will not know that you are a CatholicMatch member based on your temperament comparison.
  • To compare temperaments with a fellow CatholicMatch member, please see: How can I compare temperaments with members?