How can I reactivate my account after it has been deleted?

If you've had a change of heard and wish to return to CatholicMatch, you can reactivate your account by signing in and clicking on the "Recover My Account" button. If your account has been removed for more than 30 days, you will be prompted to re-create your profile and add new photos. 

To reactivate your account:

  1. Sign into your account on the Sign In Page (click here if you cannot remember your password)
  2. Select Recover My Account


Is there anything that I should know about recovering my account?

  • You can recover your account once within 30 days. If you removed your account more than once, you will need to wait 30 days before reactivating it again.
  • When you removed your account, your communication to other members was archived. If you are still interested in someone, it is recommended that you send a follow up message to let them know you're back.