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How can I stay safe when communicating with others?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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CatholicMatch works hard to keep you safe on the site, but it's important that you do your part to stay safe as well!

What can I do? 

  1. Take your time when getting to know someone online.
  2. Don't reveal personal details too quickly - this includes your address, the name of your employer, details about family members, your email address, phone number, last name, and any other information that can be used to search for information online.
  3. We recommend not exchanging off-site contact information until you have chatted back and forth for two weeks to establish a level of trust. 
  4. Use our video chatting feature to verify the person is who they present themselves as in their profile before exchanging contact information
  5. Go with your gut feelings. If something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't.
  6. Never send, accept, or transfer funds for anyone who you haven't met in person, no matter how convincing they may be.
  7. You can report a profile that you find suspicious, or create a help ticket with our Customer Success team so that we can further investigate.

Suspicious Traits

If you're communicating with someone and he or she possesses one or more of these traits, it's definitely worth reporting to our support team.

  • Quick to show affection.
  • Tries to move the conversation offsite very quickly.
  • Isn't familiar with specific events or attractions in the location shown in their profile.
  • Is traveling for work and cannot meet in person for many months.
  • Refuses to move on from messaging/texting to communicate via video chat or phone calls even after ample time has been spent messaging/texting 


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