How does communication work on CatholicMatch?

All of your conversations with other members are located in your message inbox. You can reach your message inbox by clicking on Messages from your main menu.

You can communicate privately with other members by exchanging emotigrams or messages. Messages are similar to basic emails or letters, while emotigrams include a fun image similar to a postcard. Full members have unlimited use of these features, however, free members may only send emotigrams.

To contact another member, visit their profile and choose "Emotigram" or "Message" shown at the top of their profile.

After you've typed your message, press "Send" and your message or emotigram will immediately land in the inbox of the recipient. Full members will be able to read your message immediately and free members will have a delay, before any personalized content is revealed. 

When the member responds (or when someone else contacts you), we'll alert you by email so that you'll know to check your message inbox. You can then reply to the message by scrolling down and typing your response into the text box at the bottom of the page.


For more information check out this video: