How does the CatholicMatch Guarantee work?

CatholicMatch provides a lot of opportunities to connect with other Catholics. If you reach the end of your six-month subscription and haven't found your match, we'll give you another six months to continue your search for free.  

The CatholicMatch Guarantee is available only with the six-month subscription.*

In order to qualify for six months free at the end of your subscription, you must:

  1. Have a complete and truthful profile with a profile photo and at least 5 other photos.
  2. Participate in the matching feature.
  3. Contact at least one person per week who you haven't already communicated with. This must be a message or emotigram that includes personalized text.
  4. Be free to marry in the Catholic Church.

If you do each of these things and are still looking for your match at the end of your six-month subscription, visit your Guarantee Page within the last week of your subscription and click on the green "Redeem Guarantee" button. 

If you do not meet the program requirements to receive six months free or you do not request your guarantee, your subscription will renew automatically unless you turn off your automatic renewal beforehand.

*ApplePay orders do not qualify.


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