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How can I create a new forum thread?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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Before creating a new forum thread, first determine in which room your thread would best fit. Forum rooms represent general topical areas of discussion. A listing of all forum rooms is listed here: View All Forum Rooms


To post your new forum thread: 

  1. Within the appropriate forum room, select New Topic  
  2. Type a brief, but descriptive subject for your discussion topic into the Subject field.
  3. Add the details of your discussion topic into the Body field
  4. Select Submit Post

Should I know anything else about beginning a new forum thread?

  • Once posted, threads will not be removed unless they violate the forum rules so be sure not to post anything that you may later regret.
  • If you aren't sure in which forum room your topic would best fit, take your best guess. The forum moderators can move the topic if it would fit best in another area.

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