How can I tell if someone is active?

In each members' profile, a "Quick View" section appears. This is where you'll find some of the most important stats about someone, such as when they were last active on the site. 


When someone interacts with the site, whether it is to review search results sent within an email or to browse the site itself, they will be indicated as someone who is active. The following statuses can appear to indicate interaction with the website:

  • Online Now
  • Active within 24 hours
  • Active within 2 days
  • Active within 3 days
  • Active within 4 days
  • Active within 5 days
  • Active within 6 days
  • Active within the past week
  • Active within the past 2 weeks
  • Active within the past 3 weeks

What if a last active date is not listed?

If nothing appears within this section, this indicates that the member has not interacted with the website within the past 3 weeks or the member has chosen to update their profile status to indicate that they are not currently seeking. Profiles belonging to those who abandon their accounts or who remove their accounts are automatically removed from the website to avoid giving false hopes to those who are actively seeking.