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Why am I not receiving email notifications?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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By default, we will send email alerts anytime someone views your profile or contacts you on CatholicMatch. If you are not receiving these emails, look into these possible scenarios:

  1. Have you disabled email notifications? 
    To look into this as a possibility, make sure that "yes" appears next to each email type shown on your account settings page here: Review Account Settings
  2. Are you a Gmail user?
    Many times, Gmail users find our emails diverted to either their Promotions tab or Updates tab. To view these messages, follow these instructions: Gmail Support: See all messages in a category
  3. Are CatholicMatch messages being marked as spam?
    If you've accidentally marked one of our emails as spam, your email provider will deliver our future emails to your spam folder as well. To resolve this, visit your spam folder and move our emails back to your inbox. You'll likely need to add to your list of safe senders as well, depending on the policies of your email provider. 

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