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Why are members on the site who do not agree with all faith teachings?

Genevieve Customer Service
Genevieve Customer Service
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CatholicMatch is home to members in all different stages of their faith journey. We hope that through the use of member interaction, live speakers, and educational resources provided by the CatholicMatch+ Blog, we can assist in the faith development of all members.

If someone has not answered in agreement to all five of the faith questions, this does not mean that he or she is not Catholic. By nature of the sacrament of Baptism they are Catholic. Rather, this simply means that they have not yet grown to understand each of the teachings of the Church. To gain a better understanding of the way that members grow into their faith, we invite you to read the following articles from the CatholicMatch+ Blog: The 7 Faith Questions: How Catholic Are You? and Doctrine & Dating: The Dreaded 7/7 Question 

If you are not open to discerning marriage with someone who is of a different faith level, choose "Accepts All" within the "Accepts Church Teachings" portion of your search criteria. For instructions on how to customize your search preferences, please see these instructions: How does the search feature work?

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