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What are the photo requirements on CatholicMatch?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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To make sure that CatholicMatch remains a wholesome environment and to help you be successful in finding your match, we have some basic photo requirements used throughout the site. 

All photos on CatholicMatch must be:

  • At least 200 by 200 pixels in size to be clearly seen on the site.
  • Submitted in a valid photo format (.jpg, .tif, .png, or .pmp) or imported from Facebook.
  • Clear, easy to see, and not overly blurry.
  • Free of excessive editing and overlay filters (hearts, stars, etc.). 
  • Non-AI generated or enhanced
  • In good taste with no suggestive or offensive material.
  • Modest. Full clothing is required of all subjects in photos, regardless of age or gender.
  • Void of personally identifying information (name badges, off site contact information, diplomas, etc.). 
  • Only containing people; no images, religious objects or picturesque places without you in the photo as well.

Your main profile photo receives much higher visibility on the site, as it is displayed in search results, on member's home pages, and with your communication. As such, they are held to higher standards.

All main profile photos on CatholicMatch must:

  • Be cropped to show your face and shoulders within the 200 x 200 pixel profile photo space within your profile. If you have difficulty cropping your photo, this will automatically be done by a content reviewer.
  • Show yourself facing toward the camera without anything obstructing the view of your face (examples: hands, phones, masks, costumes, photo filters).
  • Be recent photos that are clear, in color, non-AI-generated images, and free of AI-enhancements.


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