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What marital status should I list in my profile?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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When choosing the marital status to display in your profile, please keep these definitions in mind:

  • Never Married - You have never been married, either in a church or civil ceremony and have never been classified as being in a common law marriage.
  • Divorced - You have received a legal divorce and do not have an official annulment or lack of canonical form documentation.

  • Divorced (Free to Marry) - You were civilly divorced but did not have an annulment when your spouse passed away

  • Annulled - You have received a final decree of nullity or lack of form documentation from your diocese, tribunal, or ruling church authority and can provide documentation showing that you are free to marry in the Catholic Church.

  • Widowed - Your spouse passed away while you were legally married.

  • Married - You are married in the eyes of the law and have not received a final divorce decree. If this is your status, we cannot offer our services to you until your divorce has been finalized.

If your marital status is not listed correctly in your account, please contact customer support for additional assistance.

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