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Why was my account locked?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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CatholicMatch employs numerous techniques designed to provide the safest possible environment for our members, including those designed to pinpoint dating scammers, bogus accounts, and accounts that include falsified information.

Any account that does not pass these checks and any account belonging to those who have disregarded the site's Terms of Use in the past are locked.   

Do you think your account was locked in error?

Because our members' safety is so important to us, our security system tends to lean toward the sensitive side. If you feel that your account was locked in error, please contact us so that we can take a closer look! 

In your message, make sure to include the following:

  • Your full name and birth date.
  • An explanation of any falsified information within your account.
  • Whether or not you've had another account on CatholicMatch in the past.
  • An explanation of any VPNs, Proxies, or other means of spoofing your IP address

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