How can I renew my subscription?

Automatic Renewal

The automatic renewal feature allows you to avoid a lapse in subscription and redeem special renewal discounts for qualifying subscriptions. It will automatically charge your card at the agreed upon rate on the last day of your subscription.

This feature is active by default, but if you opted out and changed your mind, you can turn on your automatic renewal in the Subscription section of your Account Page.


If you see an option to "Disable Auto-Renew", this indicates that your subscription is already scheduled to renew automatically. If you see the option to "Update Billing Info" or "Subscribe Today", this means that you do not have valid billing information on file. Choose the appropriate option to enter your billing information to continue your subscription.


Manually Renew Your Subscription

If your 3-Month, 6-Month or 1-Year subscription expired within the past 7 days, you can renew your subscription at a discount by visiting your account page and clicking on "Renew with Discount" (or Update Billing Info, if the card that you have on file is not current).

If you are not within this time frame, you can purchase a new subscription on the subscribe page.