How can I edit my Favorite Things?

The Favorite Things section of your profile can be used to highlight your interests to other members and connect you with others who share in those interests.

To add or remove favorite things listed on your profile:

  1. Begin on the edit page for your Favorite Things. You can reach that page by clicking HERE or by clicking on the Edit button next to your Favorite Things within your profile.
  2. Navigate through different topics by selecting the topic at the top of the screen (For example: Favorite Activities, Favorite Aspects of your Faith, Favorite Foods, etc)
  3. To add or remove an item from your Favorite Things within that topic, simply click on it. Those that are highlighted will appear on your profile while those that aren't highlighted won't appear. If you'd like to add something that isn't already listed, begin typing that item within the search bar.
  4. Your changes will be saved automatically, however, you can view these changes within your profile by selecting "Back to Profile" at the bottom of the page.