Where can I update my email settings?

On your account settings page, you can choose to opt out of promotional emails, notification emails, view notification emails, and/or new message emails. When you disable these email notifications, you will no longer receive an off-site email, but you can still see notification of these events within your CatholicMatch account. 

What emails are included in each group?

Messages - Message emails are those that are sent to notify you of new communication that you received while you're away from CatholicMatch.

Views - View emails are sent when someone of the opposite gender & near to your age views your profile. You will receive no more than 2 of these emails per day.

Notifications - Notification emails include new matches, mutual matches, likes, and mutual likes.

Promotions - Promotional emails include discounts and other special offers.

 To update your email settings:

  1. Click here to visit your Account Settings Page
  2. Select No next to any notification type that you do not wish to receive.
  3. Select Yes next to any notification type that you do wish to receive.

  4. Select Submit to save your changes.

Disabling Saved Search Email Updates

If you would like to opt in or out of saved search emails, please visit your saved search page. Click on the envelope icon to disable or activate notification emails for specific searches. An orange envelope icon indicates that email updates will be sent; a grey envelope icon indicates that email updates will not be sent.