What should I do if I forget my password?

If you cannot remember your password, you can create a new one using the password recovery tool provided directly on the sign in page.

To create a new password: 

  1. Select Forgot Password located beneath the password field on the Sign In Page.

  2. Enter your email address into the provided field and select Send Password Reset Link.

  3. Immediately go to your email inbox and open the email entitled Reset Password.

  4. Select the link in the email that says Click here to create a new password. *Your special link will be active for 24 hours and can be used only once.

  5. Enter your email address into the Email Address field, then enter your desired password into both the Password and Confirm fields.
  6. Select Reset Password            

  7. Sign into your account using your email address and new password on the sign in page.


Having Trouble?

  • If you don't receive an email containing a link to create a new password, check in your Spam folder. If it's not there, please contact our support team.
  • If you receive a message that your unique link has expired, please follow the instructions again from the start to request a new password reset email. For security reasons, your unique link must be used within 24 hours of your request.