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How can I change my marital status?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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The Catholic Church places high importance on one's marital status when determining whether or not one is eligible to get married in the church in the future. For this reason, changes to one's marital status will be made by customer support after receiving documentation of the change. 

Change My Marital Status  

Important Information

  • Changes to marital status can be processed only after the change has been finalized. In other words, if your annulment is almost finalized you are still divorced until the date of your final decree. 

  • If you are requesting to change your marital status to reflect an annulment, or to have your account reactivated after receiving a final divorce decree, please make sure to include the date of finalization, the name of the court or tribunal who approved the decision, and the name of the judge or church official who signed the final document.

Unsure of which marital status best reflects your current situation?

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