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How can I report a forum post for review?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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If you should run into a forum post that is inappropriate, in violation of the forum rules, or that would best fit within another category within the forums, please bring these to the attention of our forum moderators.

To bring a forum post to the attention of our moderators: 

  1. Click on the Options menu within the post.
  2. Select "Report Post" from the Options menu

  3. Choose the reason for the report and add comments within the provided text box to mention the forum rule that the post violates.
  4. Select Submit to submit your report to our moderators for review.


Is there anything that I should know about reporting forum posts?

  • All actions taken by forum moderators are reviewed regularly by staff to ensure fairness for all members.
  • Post reports are reviewed within 48 hours and appropriate action is taken at that time.

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