How can I select a profile photo?

Your profile photo is the one that gets seen the most on CatholicMatch, so it's important, not only that you have one, but also that it's a recent, high quality photo. 

These instructions are intended to be used when the photo you want to use as your main profile photo is already posted in your album. If this is not the case, please upload your photo to CatholicMatch.

To select your profile photo from your album:

  1. Open your photo manager at 
  2. Select or tap the options menu for the photo you'd like to use as your main profile photoHow_can_I_select_a_profile_photo-.jpg
  3. Choose "Set as Profile Photo"
  4. Crop the photo to include only your face if needed, then select "Crop & Save"

Note: Profile photos should be of yourself only. Once selected, your profile photo will be reviewed by a CatholicMatch team member who will ensure that it meets the profile photo requirements and that it has been properly cropped. If your chosen photo cannot be used, an alternative photo will be chosen to take its place when possible. To learn more, view the CatholicMatch Photo Requirements.