How can I select a profile photo?

Your profile photo is one of the most important parts of your profile and for this reason, we highly recommend choosing to include one in your profile. Before selecting your profile photo, please ensure that the photo is already included in your album

To select your profile photo from your album:

  1. Open your full profile
    Laptop/Desktop Users: Select Profile from your account menu
    Mobile Users: Open your mobile menu, select Profile / Settings, My Profile, Preview / Edit
  2. Select "Edit Photos" from the "Edit Your Profile" menu
  3. Tap your desired photo to open it's options menu.
  4. Select "Add as Profile Photo"


Is there anything that I should know about selecting a profile photo?

  • Profile photos must be cropped to a 200 x 200 pixel head shot. If you do not or cannot do this, a content reviewer will do this for you.
  • Due to their high visibility on the site, profile photos are held to higher standards than other photos on the site. For a full list of guidelines, please see: What are your photo guidelines?