How can I report a profile for review?

To keep CatholicMatch wholesome, we review all new content to the site within 24 hours of the time that it's added. Because limited content appears before it is reviewed and because as humans we occasionally miss things, we greatly appreciate when our members report anything that doesn't seem to fit on the site. 

If you see something that you feel should not be on CatholicMatch, such as profanity, contact information, suspicious content, or other objectionable material, please let us know so that we can remove the content. 

To report a profile or member for review:

  1. Select Report Profile found in the options menu in the member's profile.
  2. Choose a description that most closely relates to your concern.
  3. Press "Report"

Things To Know

Using this "Report this Profile" button sends an instant alert to our security team so it's much quicker than sending a support ticket. In case where someone could be potentially dangerous, every second counts. When you report something on CatholicMatch, we will never disclose to the member that you reported them for any reason.