How can I block someone from contacting me?

If you receive a message from someone and don't want to hear from them again, you can block them from sending anything further. 

How to Place a Block

You can prevent another member from contacting you by selecting "not interested" within the options menu in your conversation with them.


If they've done or said something inappropriate and you feel that they may not be a good fit for CatholicMatch, please also press the "Report" link to let our security team know. The safety of our members is our highest priority.

What Will the Blocked Member See

When someone you've blocked tries to contact you again, they will receive an error message that states, "member name] has decided not to receive messages from you".

Removing a Block

If you've had a change of heart and wish to remove a block, open your hidden messages by selecting "messages" at the top of your conversation list and then select "Hidden Messages".

Click on the conversation that you'd like to unblock, , click on your conversation with the member you'd like to unblock, open the options menu in the conversation and then press "Open Communication"