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How can I edit my profile?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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For best results with online dating, you should update your profile regularly. 

  1. Visit your full profile at
  2. Select "Edit Profile" found at the top of the page.
  3. To see how your profile is shown to other members, select "Preview Profile" found at the top of the page.

Photos include each of the photos that appear within your profile, including your main profile photo that appears in search results and when you communicate with others.

Temperament shows your quiz results. To take our temperament quiz, visit 

Short Answers include each section of your profile where you type your responses free-form including your Introduction, Ideal Match, Faith, Favorite Saints/Titles, Family/Background, Education, Music, Occupation, Travels, and Living Preference.

Favorite Things are the individual items used to search for those with similar interests. It includes topics such as activities, faith, foods, media, music, reading, sports, and travel.

Multiple Choice includes each section of your profile where you answered in multiple choice format, including those related to your appearance, lifestyle, background, and faith questions.

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