What happened to my narratives or message?

If your message or narratives disappeared when you submitted them, you were logged out of your account due to Timing Out.

Timing out on a website is a security feature that protects you and your data. If you spend too much time on one page without submitting any information, you are timed out. This happens on all websites, but if you are on a site that requires your email address and password, you will usually be logged out. This prevents people from logging into a website and then walking away from their computer and making it possible for an unauthorized person to access the account.

Timing out is an important safety feature that is implemented on any website containing personal data and is not specific only to CatholicMatch. Our site is designed to time out after 20 minutes of inactivity. 

If you feel that you may take longer than this to compose your message or narratives, it can be helpful to type your response into a Notepad document (not a Microsoft program) first. This way, you can copy and paste your information to the site. This will also ensure that you have a copy of the message you composed, just in case anything goes wrong when trying to send it to your match.