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Why can't I sign into my account?

Nathan Lloyd
Nathan Lloyd
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There are a number of things that might affect your ability to sign into your account.

This email and password combination do not match.

When this message appears, either your email address or password (or both) do not match the information in your account. If your password auto-populates for you, try typing it in manually. If you have more than one email address, see if you might have used another email address when you signed up. If this does not work, click here to create a new password: 

You cannot login while your account is locked.

We take safety on CatholicMatch very seriously. Occasionally our security system can be too sensitive and remove honest members. If you feel that your account was locked by accident, contact customer support so we can make it right.

Access is has been denied based on your network information

This means that our security system identified malicious activity stemming from your area. Contact customer support at to let them know what your IP Address is and they will investigate the block farther. You can find your IP Address here.

Still Not Working?

If you are still having difficulty signing in, please contact us so that we can research the problem right away. Make sure to mention the error message that you are receiving and include your full name, email address, and date of birth so that we can locate your account as quickly as possible.

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